Thursday, March 11, 2010

Lemonleaf Schoolgirl Outfits

As per request, here are a few of Lemonleaf's Japanese schoolgirl outfits.  They're really cute in-game, though not the highest quality in the world.  The site is pretty difficult to navigate for non-speakers!

I included jpegs, but the zip files already have pics included. 

New Addtions to My Hoods

One thing that always gets me is how much some people like to populate their hoods with the SAME SIMS over and over again.  That could mean seven hoods full of stereotypical anorexic blonde botox nightmares or goths or nerds or anything else.  Of course I like making themed-hoods like anyone else, but what ever happened to game-wide variety?

What I want to do is to make all SORTS of different sims -- different sizes, shapes, skintones, "ethnicities", and levels of attractiveness.  I'm not sure how successful it'll be -- I've done okay so far -- but whatever.

So these are two of my latest:

Sabrina Porter-Frances
She looks a lot like my best friend from elementary school, or at least what she'd look like now (minus the hair color).  I love making gingers!!!  Normally I can't make upturned noses that remotely resemble a human nose (think MJ, may he rest in peace), but this one came out okay.  If people like her, I'll upload her soon.

Nori Nishikawa
Nori is supposed to be either a sister or cousin to one of my favorite sims, Junji Nishikawa (one of the only sims I have uploaded on the Exchange).  She's sort of sweet and docile whereas Junji is edgy and silly.  This is my first sim using the non-default replacement skins -- I LOVE THEM!!!  If you haven't gotten them already, do so.  Seriously.  Right now -- go get them!!!

For Starters

I'm going to use this blog to showcase all the silly sims that I have made or are working on.  Some will be available to download (I don't do the Exchange normally), and I'll provide info and/or links to all of the CC used when I do upload.