Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Recreating my favorite TS2 family

I would be playing TS2 simultaneously with TS3 if it weren't for some wretched CC crashing issue in my TS2 game.  It would take a WHILE to isolate the problem, but eventually I WILL get around to it because I miss that game like crazy.

One of my absolute favorite families was the Lowekey family (as far as the name -- pronounced "LOW-kee" or like "Loki" -- when I created them I was bored and in trying to come up with a good surname, I thought something along the lines of 'well, they're...young and....low key...?'  silly, huh?).  Keith and Casey had 10 children in all:  Chloe, Cody, Corley, Kayleigh, Kierni, Courtney, twins Kinley (boy) and Kirby (girl), and twins Candi and Kennedy (both girls).

As of my last saved TS2 games, five of the kids were married, one was 'secretly' engaged, and Cody & Courtney were also parents (Chloe had a bundle on the way).  The youngest four were still in college with Kirby and Kinley close to graduating.

I've been dying to recreate these guys, and I honestly wanted to start them from the beginning as I did in TS2.  LOL call it laziness I guess....I'm just really anxious to jump on in and continue their storyline where I left off, so I created Keith and Casey in CAS and started popping out ready-made CAS kids (with their combined genetics).  I really didn't need to tweak them much, either -- hair and makeup and a couple of minor adjustments here & there.  Nothing too dramatic (except for the oldest son Cody...I'll have to post his CAS 'before' pic someday...oy).

I still need to make spouses, and once that's finished I'm going to start playing these suckers (I'll be posting occasional in-game scenes on Bijou Sweeney's Madness).  They don't look exactly the way they did in my TS2 game (that proved to be unnecessarily tedious), but I'm satisfied with these TS3 counterparts.

As always, click pics to enlarge, yada yada.

Keith (as a YA)

Casey (as a YA)











Thanks for checking them out!  Stay tuned for updates....


  1. :O kinley <3
    I have a new thing for long-haired guys.... Dunno why XD

  2. LOL I do too -- that's why I'm married to one! ^_^ There's just something about them....

  3. Chloe was one of the best-looking of the family in my TS2 game, and I REALLY wanted to make her look just right here.

    Thanks Amiee!